Dr. Barbie Hessel, LCSW, SEP, RSP
Christi Sidwell, LMSW
Nicole Nelson, LPC-MHSP (temp)
Dr. Katelyn, ND, LAc, MSSW
Sarah Swaney, LMSW
Amy Holt, LMSW


What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic Coaching is a bottom-up approach that allows you to access all parts of the human experience in order to create lasting change and transformation. During our sessions, you will begin to acknowledge the conditioned patterns that have kept you stuck, while also increasing your capacity to feel regulated and centered.

You will work toward moving differently in the world and feeling more embodied and present.

To learn more about Somatic Experiencing®,
click here: https://traumahealing.org/about-us/