Dr. Barbie Hessel, LCSW, SEP, RSP
Christi Sidwell, LMSW
Nicole Nelson, LPC-MHSP (temp)
Dr. Katelyn, ND, LAc, MSSW
Sarah Swaney, LMSW
Amy Holt, LMSW


Is Somatic Coaching Right for Me?

Let’s start with the fundamental belief that you have everything you need to succeed. It is all within.

Then, consider Somatic Coaching. Ask yourself the following questions.

If these resonate with you, then Somatic Coaching may be a great next step.

Do I feel like I have tried everything and are still “stuck”?

Am I reacting to life, rather than responding from a place of regulation and presence?

Am I looking for a holistic approach to help with making life choices?

Am I seeking transformation that sticks?