What To Expect

In our Somatic Coaching sessions, you will lead and I will follow. That said, together we will determine your individual goals for somatic coaching. During sessions, I will observe your nervous system’s responses and impulses, while listening to you share. I will make observations and, on occasion, facilitate active experiences that tap into your system to help you build capacity. I facilitate these experiences in an effort to help you resolve previously thwarted impulses, and work through trapped energies that may be held in your body due to past trauma, chronic stress, or a combination of past and present experiences.

After each session, you will be able to walk away with holistic practices and next steps to further your work and help you achieve your goals.

It is my firm belief that you already have everything within yourself to heal, and that my role as your Somatic Coach is to help facilitate reflection and introduce somatic experiences that will move you toward a sense of wholeness and embodiment. My hope is that through our work together, you will feel confident in your internal resources and worthy of your own success.

COVID Update

Currently, all Somatic Coaching sessions are being held online, although I do have a physical office for use once COVID-19 safety restrictions are lifted. When meeting online, I suggest that you find a confidential space to work from, where you can have the security necessary to be as authentic and forthcoming as possible. I also suggest that you create a space for yourself that is, literally, comfortable. Perhaps burn a candle, bring a blanket, and sit in a comfy seat. . .ready to engage in the steps necessary for transformation. 

Somatic Coaching Fees

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. This is intended to help us both gauge if we are a good “fit” and if Somatic Coaching is right for you. If you choose to proceed together, here are the packages available:

One Introductory, 1-hour Session: $180

Two 1-hour sessions: $350

Four 1-hour sessions: $595 (15% Savings)

Concierge Level, including six 1-hour sessions plus ongoing email and text support: $945 Monthly

Half-Day Intensive $800

-3 month commitment required

All packages are good for two years and are non-refundable